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Rebreakable Boards are Safer than Wood.

A long time ago in martial arts schools far and near, kids and adults broke wood boards.

The problem is that wood hardness varies hugely depending on where you are and where you get your planks of wood. You go to the lumber yard, you buy a long plank that you cut down to 12 x 12 x 1. Except it’s really 3/4 inch thick in the US, whereas in other countries it might still be a full inch.

With varying wood hardness and thickness, knots and flaws, there is no way that you can know, particularly for kids, exactly how much strength is breaking this particular board going to take? That is no way to start kids off with safe breaking.

Over 20 years ago, Neo Tuesday, Inc. created the Ultimate Martial Arts Boards out of space-age plastic. In seven ascending difficulties of breaking strengths, white through black, these tough, durable boards are good for thousands and thousands of dependable breaks. They are totally calibrated and pro-grade to break reliably every time. 

No more guessing as to how much power you need to use. And when you compare that to all the other physical activities kids get into, this is a great way to reduce the variables while increasing the satisfaction. 

Whether you are in Dallas, Toronto, Rome, Brisbane, Tokyo, or Seoul, UMAB boards break reliably every time and are perfect for getting started with super fun rebreakable board action.


(Excerpted from “The Joy of Breaking: Should Children Break Boards” by Master Terry Wisniewski, 7th-degree black belt ITF Tae Kwon Do, July 2016 Taekwondo Times, with permission.