The International Division of (manufacturer of the Ultimate Martial Arts Board)

Fast, Fun, Repeatable Destruction.

Kids like destruction. As quick as they build something, the next step is destroying it. It's in their nature, right? First blocks and sandcastles, then Legos and practically everything else. 

With as much aggression as kids have stored up, try a toy that not only allows destruction, but actually encourages it. The Ultimate Martial Arts Boards can take everything you throw at them for hours of fun and excitement.

It's the toy that's meant to be broken.

Use different strikes and your total energy to break these boards clean every time. They reassemble in seconds, just by pushing the halves back together. Rebreakable for thousands and thousands of strikes.

Let us let you in on a little secret. Who doesn't like playing with pro-grade stuff? These boards are the actual boards you will find in real martial arts schools all over the world, and they're made in the USA. They are not a knock-off product made of inferior material, they are the real deal. So, yes, they are toys...but with quality and durability you won't find in many other toys.

You can start with white and yellow to build confidence fast with successful easy breaking. Then grow with your kids' abilities by adding more difficulty and challenge as you go up from orange, to green, blue, brown, and the hardest of all: black.

And let us tell you: a black rebreakable Ultimate Martial Arts Board is no joke. You definitely want to start low and build up. We are not kidding. Don't start with black. 

Here is how it works, starting with GREEN, because green is the actual equivalent of a traditional white pine board like you see in all the karate movies.

You break a green board, you're using the exact same strength you would in breaking a wood board. Except...the UMAB boards are precisely calibrated and totally dependable. Whereas wood boards vary hugely in what it takes to break them. You can break one like a piece of cake, and another...ugh! Wood's notoriously unreliable.

With green as a regular wood board equivalent, 3/4 of that strength is an ORANGE board. The YELLOW board is 1/2 the strength of the green board. And the WHITE board is only 1/4 the strength of green. 

Moving up from the green board, BLUE is 1.5 times the strength of the green board. Brown is the equivalent of TWO GREEN boards, and BLACK is like breaking THREE GREEN boards. Now you are talking some tough stuff.

Best bet for lots of people is to start with a three pack of white, yellow, and orange. That way kids have immediate success with white, building fast confidence, and have those next two, yellow and orange, as immediate goals to help them get strong fast.

Build strength, coordination, and accuracy. Breaking is superfun, putting them back together is fast and easy, while training hand-to-eye coordination for strength and accuracy.