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Breaking Boards is Addictive in the Best Possible Way

When your daughter or son has got an Ultimate Martial Arts Board, they can quickly get good at breaking it. This is something they naturally want to show off to their friends and family, so the fun grows. It’s like with carnival games. The objective looks so simple and you can see how close you are at every attempt, so success is just a matter of trying again. And again. (Only this time, it doesn’t cost you another dollar every time!) 
And if you have a stack of multi-colored boards, the possibilities are endless, outside or inside.
Breaking boards is not only fun, it is actually (don’t tell your kids!) a cycle of reinforced practice to get really good at something. Friendly competition using our free game download, can lead to actually taking up real martial arts training. So many kids have gained confidence and belonging from all forms of that sport.
This “toy that’s meant to be broken” can introduce your son or daughter entry into an exciting, useful world of fun and growth.